Simon Hasan PicSimon Hasan works in the territory between ancient Crafts processes and industrial design. His work is imbued with a richness and texture borne from the use of techniques and materials from these two contradictory worlds.

Simon’s approach can best be described as a type of Design Archaeology; a combination of historical research and hands-on material experimentation. The goal is to nurture compelling and relevant outcomes for any given context. Avoiding a particular aesthetic style, Simon’s distinctive work often layers materials, processes and textures to create long-lasting objects with a story to tell.

Graduating from the Royal College of Art (M.A. Design Products) in 2008, Simon’s collections of leather vases and furniture received widespread attention for the innovative use of the medieval armour-making technique, Cuir Bouilli.

Simon’s output encompasses leading international design galleries, commercial and private commissions, (most recently with Fendi and Kvadrat), and developing his own range of self-branded pieces for retail sale.

He was part of the Design Museum’s Designers in Residence programme (2011), and his mannequins for Fendi won a Wallpaper* Design Award in 2012. A fourth mannequin was specially commissioned by the UK Crafts Council for its Permanent Collection in 2013.

Simon runs Platform 19 on the M.A. Design Products at the Royal College of Art with Alexander Taylor.



Photo: Fred MacGregor

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